We are a locally owned organic pest control service located in OKC.   We provide service to   Oklahoma City and Tulsa Metros!

 We pride our company on using safe and eco-friendly products.  Satisfaction guaranteed!  Our All-Natural botanical treatments provide fast knockdown and kill a wide range of flying and crawling insects.  

                               Please call or text 405-835-0580 or email skeeter.bomb@yahoo.com 

 Q:     Are your treatments safe for my pets, family, garden or koi pond?

A:      Yes!   Vertebrates like Birds, Fish, Dogs and People don't have octopamine receptors.                 They  are not affected.

Q:     Will your treatments control other pests such as Spiders?

A:     Yes.  Our eco-friendly, organic treatments not only control Mosquitoes, Fleas & Ticks               but  also more than 75 other pests.

Q:    How long does an exterior Flea/Tick Treatment last?

A.    Approximately 6-8 weeks.

Q:    How long does a Mosquito Treatment last?

A:    Approximately 3 weeks.

Q:    How long does an indoor treatment last?

A:    Approximately 3 months.

Q:   Will rain wash away your treatments?

A:   No.   Typical rainfall does not hurt our treatments.   Severe downpours may lower                        residual    slightly.

Q:   Do you accept Credit Cards?

A:   Yes.