• I was skeptical - mosquitoes are notoriously hard to control. And with a natural product? But, I gave this a try anyway and couldn't be more pleased at the outcome! This works. Period. I've even arranged to have repeat treatments - its that effective. (And it smells SO GOOD.) I highly recommend this - highly!      Kathryn B.
  • We live near enough water to make mosquitoes a nightmare. I had to spray myself with Off to sit in my own kitchen some summer days because every time I let the dogs in or out mosquitoes would come too. I could brush mosquitoes off the dogs with my hand when I let them in--that's how ridiculous it was. Skeeter Bomb came mid-October and I haven't seen a mosquito here since. It's like wizardry. Will definitely rehire come summer.    Shelly R.
  • Called him on 4/20 and he came out the next day and did my entire lawn and sprayed my fence I have almost 2 acres. He was very friendly and the rates are very reasonable. Will definitely use him again. Thank you so much.   Kimberly D.
  • Brad was amazing! We will be using him to keep all the critters away!  Rachel G.
  • This service is awesome. We have not seen any mosquitoes or anything since the yard was sprayed.  Lakeisha V.
  • I initially found out about this amazing company through purchasing a Groupon for them. I was able to get their mosquito and flea and tick treatment services in one awesome deal. They did such a good job and the results were so wonderful that I have just called to make my second appointment.

    We will be keeping up with them for all of our pest control needs. I love that they use all-natural chemical-free treatments. We are a very natural househol, using a lot of essential oils and natural remedies for ourselves and our pets and I love that we don't have to worry about getting sick or our dogs being harmed by any chemicals that may make then or us sick.

    Having asthma, allergies and other health concerns, I love that I don't have to worry about breathing in harsh chemicals that could make me feel sicker or worry about my dog's getting into it they're able to go outside and enjoy their backyard 30 minutes after the treatments are done without us having to worry. The treatment has a very pleasant smell unlike many traditional pesticides and we have not had any issues with mosquitoes, fleas or ticks on our pets or ourselves.

    Brad was wonderful and he does such a good job and makes the appointment around your schedule, shows up early and gets the job done promptly. I will definitely be using their services in the future and recommending them to everyone I know.     Sarah L.
  • Fast Service and it works. We couldn't sit in back yard without several Tiki Torches lit and spraying the yard frequently with pesticides from local hardware stores, but now we can sit and enjoy the back yard with out any mosquito issues. Very happy with the results!    Troy S.