We are a locally owned eco-friendly pest control service located in OKC.   We provide service to  Oklahoma City and Tulsa Metros and in between!

 We pride our company on using safe and eco-friendly products.  Satisfaction guaranteed!  Our All-Natural botanical treatments provide fast knockdown and kill a wide range of flying and crawling insects.  

                               Please call or text 405-835-0580 or email skeeter.bomb@yahoo.com 

 Q:     Do you only use Organic Products?

A:     No.  Depending on the situation as well as the customers preference we may use some              conventional products, but even then we use the safest ones available.

Q:     Are your treatments safe for my pets, family, garden or koi pond?

A:      Yes!   Vertebrates like Birds, Fish, Dogs and People don't have octopamine receptors.                 They are not affected by our organic treatments.  Even our conventional treatments                   are safe for birds, dogs, people etc...

Q:     Will your treatments control other pests such as Spiders?

A:     Yes.  Our eco-friendly, organic treatments not only control Mosquitoes, Fleas & Ticks                but  also more than 75 other pests.

Q:  What about Ants?

A:   Our flea/tick treatment will kill surface ants however the queen below the ground keeps on reproducing more and more!  So we use an extremely effective method of killing the queen in order to kill the colony for good!  Normally for a small fee we will add an Ant treatment.

Q:    How long does an exterior Flea/Tick Treatment last?

A.    Approximately 6-8 weeks.

Q:    How long does a Mosquito Treatment last?

A:    Approximately 3 weeks.

Q:    How long does an indoor treatment last?

A:    3-6 Months

Q:   Will rain wash away your treatments?

A:   No.  We use a surfactant which allows our treatments to "stick" to the foliage through               typical rainfall.  Severe downpours may lower residual slightly.

Q:   Do you accept Credit Cards?

A:   Yes.